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Our Taxi App Development Offerings

Whether you’re a global startup, a small or large taxi fleet owner, or a taxi aggregator aiming to digitize your taxi operations, we provide solutions tailored to meet all your business needs.

Carpooling App

We create customized, high-quality solutions that enable economical and eco-friendly rides through the launch of your own branded carpooling apps.


Car Rental Service

Our expert taxi app developers help rental agencies and operators quickly attract new customers by launching an app that enhances vehicle rental services.


On-Demand Chauffeur

Our advanced mobile apps empower your business to build a robust and extensive network of drivers and chauffeurs for hotels, restaurants, airports, corporate bookings, and more.


Ride-Sharing App Development

We create customized, high-quality solutions that enable economical and eco-friendly rides through the launch of your own branded carpooling apps.


On-Demand Limos

Launch your on-demand limo app with our taxi app experts. Tap into the lucrative market of exotic party limo bookings for weddings, bachelor parties, prom nights, and corporate events. Earn big with our industry-leading developers!


Ships & Cruises

Enhance automation and efficiency in your boat or cruise company by hiring our experienced developers. Launch a custom app designed to attract customers and expand your offerings globally.

Advance Features of our Taxi Booking App Development Panels

Get a comprehensive tech suite to thrive in the Uberized economy and create your cutting-edge Uber clone app.

Customer App

Book Now : Passengers can quickly book a taxi to travel from one destination to another. The app allows them to find available taxis nearby their location.

Schedule Ride : Customers have the option to schedule a ride for a future date and time. The taxi driver will arrive at the specified location at the scheduled time.

Upcoming Trips : The taxi booking app sends notifications to remind users of their scheduled trips, ensuring they never miss a ride.

Destination : Passengers can easily set their destination by either pinpointing the location on a map or entering the full address into the app.

Book for Friends : Users can book rides for friends or relatives. They can provide a reference so the driver can directly contact the person needing the ride.

Multiple Payment Options : The app supports multiple payment gateways, allowing passengers to choose the most convenient payment method.


Admin Panel

Interactive Dashboard : The admin dashboard offers a comprehensive and interactive interface for managing and controlling all operational requirements efficiently.

User Management : Admins oversee and manage all user activities, including tracking actions and fulfilling user needs, ensuring smooth operation and user satisfaction.

Vehicle Management : This feature allows admins to manage vehicle availability according to user demand, set vehicle priorities, and ensure optimal allocation within the app.

Users/Drivers Data : The admin panel provides access to detailed information about all registered customers and drivers, including names, addresses, and other essential details.

Set Amount : Admins have the authority to set fare amounts for rides, ensuring fair pricing and preventing conflicts between drivers and passengers.

Driver App

Accept Ride : Our on-demand taxi app empowers drivers with the flexibility to choose rides based on their preferences. They have the option to either accept or decline a ride request, allowing them to manage their workload efficiently.

Pickup Location : Drivers can easily locate and navigate to the passenger's pickup point using the app's integrated map and GPS functionality.

Start Trip : At the drop-off location, the driver can conclude the trip by pressing the "End" button. The app will then automatically calculate and display the total fare for the ride.

End Trip : At the drop-off location, the driver can conclude the trip by pressing the "End" button. The app will then automatically calculate and display the total fare for the ride.

Drop-Off Location : Before accepting a ride, drivers are informed of the passenger's drop-off location. They can then follow the app's map directions to ensure a smooth and accurate journey to the destination.

Why Choose Autviz For Taxi App Development?

At Autviz, our app developers are highly trained to provide top-notch app development services. Our expertise in creating car sharing apps like Uber helps businesses gain a competitive edge with the following benefits:

High Client Retention Rate

With an 80% client retention rate, our clients trust us and continue to seek our services for their ongoing needs.

On-Time Project Delivery

Recognized for our punctuality, we consistently deliver projects either on time or ahead of schedule. Our skilled developers ensure the creation of top-notch clone apps

Constant Support and Maintenance

Even after project delivery, Autviz extends continuous support and maintenance services to our clients. We prioritize their satisfaction and success

Personalized Clone Services

Our clone apps mirror the original precisely and can be tailored to suit users' preferences and requirements, providing a personalized experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost to develop a taxi booking app ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the desired features and functions. However, this cost can vary based on multiple factors. Contact us to get a precise estimate for your specific taxi app project.
Yes, we offer customized taxi booking app solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.
Opting for a readymade taxi app clone is ideal if you want to launch a cab booking app similar to Ola quickly and cost-effectively. We at Autviz have taxi app development services enabling you to operate an app like Uber and Ola in a short period. This approach saves both time and money by eliminating the need to build the app from scratch.
Yes, we provide customized taxi clone scripts for both Android and iOS platforms, similar to Uber.
Developing a taxi booking app can significantly benefit your taxi business in several ways:

  • Increased Visibility: Enhance your brand’s presence and reach more customers.
  • Real-time Tracking: Provide real-time tracking for both drivers and passengers.
  • Enhances Brand Value: Build and strengthen your brand’s reputation.
  • Monitor Driver Efficiency: Track and improve driver performance.
  • High Revenue Generation: Increase revenue through efficient operations and broader customer base.
  • Instant and Authentic Feedback: Gather immediate feedback to improve services.
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