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Hospitality software solutions and services

Legacy System Transformation in the hospitality industry is a dynamic journey aimed at optimizing process efficiency, enhancing business performance, and innovating client services. By leveraging fully automated migration, technology plays a pivotal role in converting legacy code and data into modern solutions. This approach empowers hospitality organizations to embark on modernization initiatives that align seamlessly with their business objectives.
Enhance the customer experience at your resort by consolidating all services into a single mobile app. From ordering concierge services to booking a round of golf, our branded app simplifies the process for your guests, allowing them to fully enjoy the recreational offerings at your resort with just one tap.
with Autviz is the key to fostering strong emotional connections with your customers. Our impactful solutions are designed to incentivize desired behaviors and attitudes among your clients. For hospitality companies, it’s equally crucial to integrate the pursuit of such commitment into their day-to-day operations.
In the realm of microservices and third-party integration, we offer hospitality businesses a secure pathway to refactor their systems into a more efficient architecture. This transformation significantly accelerates development processes and simplifies system maintenance, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency.
Big Data plays a pivotal role in the digital transformation journey, serving as a cornerstone for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages in the hospitality industry. By enabling real-time tracking of the guest journey across various facets, including marketing, guest experience, business intelligence, and personalization, businesses can achieve several benefits.
Autviz hotel management software integration with third-party systems for residential and commercial properties offers our clients robust solutions that leverage their existing investments effectively.

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Custom software development solutions

Establish intuitive and comprehensive custom software development solutions to swiftly gather precise feedback from your guests. These solutions enable you to monitor guest reactions to newly implemented ideas and evaluate the performance of your staff through actionable analytics.

Mobile Hotel Applications

  • Exceed guest service expectations with cutting-edge mobile experiences.
  • Utilize innovative hospitality software development for functions like room booking, loyalty and personalization engines, amenity services, and smart features.

Contactless Hospitality Solutions

  • Embrace contactless hotel operations through Autviz mobile and kiosk solutions.
  • Offer guests intuitive, touchless technology for 24/7 access to amenities and services

Mobile Kiosk

  • Enhance guest experiences with mobile kiosks, enabling hassle-free check-ins.
  • Guests can conveniently skip the front desk line, starting their vacation earlier.

Smart Rooms

  • Impress your clients with personalized IT hospitality solutions.
  • Features include digital control of room environments and sensors via in-room tablets, offline and online functionality, and proactive maintenance.

Technology expertise for travel software solutions

We consistently keep track of emerging technologies to deliver advanced software solutions. Our IT strategy consulting will help you choose the right technologies for your business and industry, map out the implementation strategy, and help you implement them.

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