Dental it solutions and custom software development

Custom-made dental practice management software designed to modernize and revolutionize digital dentistry. Get powerful management, automation, and communication tools backed with the latest technology.

Dental it solutions and services tailored to your business

Planning, real-time collaboration, and customer service just got faster, much more convenient, and cost-effective with dental IT solutions by Intellectsoft.
Plan, manage and monitor all the core supply chain, equipment utilization rate, predictive maintenance, customer bookings, dental treatment, and unique services across multiple websites or clinics. Manage every corner of your customer service, from check-in and check-out to payment, financial management, and reporting.
Cloud-based dental clinic software designed exclusively for clinics, dentists, managers, executives, and business owners. Monitor clinic performance online, track performance with individually tailored analytics via easy-to-read graphs and list reports for each location, branch, specialist, and patient’s visit.
Telehealth technologies have become a central part of oral healthcare delivery. So right now teledentistry reshapes the way of providing accessible treatment of every modern digital dentistry – offering cheaper prevention practices, easily bringing new clients and converting potential cases into happy loyal clients, and putting their well-being first.
Automate dental treatments using a full suite of automation tools tailored exclusively to your everyday activities and a unique setup of the business. Help specialists close treatments based on multiple plans, clinical guidelines, dental formulas, patient diaries, and treatment notes.
Streamline the lion’s share of office tasks, manage calendars, and schedule appointments on the go. Configure multiple business locations and dental offices. Keep your digital dental practice always on track, either entirely, separately by a specific dental clinic or specialist.
Provide patients with top-level personal data security, protect electronic health records and other sensitive business data. We take security seriously, that’s why dental IT solutions and all other custom software products and services by Intellectsoft are designed to eliminate the possibility where any business files or personal account data falls into the wrong hands.

Client success stories

Discover how leading construction companies effectively addressed critical business challenges through digital innovation.



Research and development remain among top priorities for Proteket, a famous dentistry developer from Norway. Taking an active part in the development of new methods, materials, and software technologies in the industry, Proteket was looking for ways to make contact with patients even more simple and time-saving. And that was exactly when Intellectsoft came into play!


Our client succeeded in getting an innovative technology to match their renowned expertise, as they provide fixed prosthetics deals with a full suite of products, services, materials, such as crowns, bridges, and shell facets - from aesthetics to pure functionality. Having adopted some of our dental IT technologies and software solutions, Proteket creates digitally produced dental models based on digital files from dentists, and much more.


A Сustom-Made Dental Clinic Software


A fast-growing Norwegian dental and orthodontics practice called for the Intellectsoft team to streamline workflow and provide clients with easy scheduling and preliminary diagnosis tool via online booking widget, teledentistry, and smart calendar.


A custom-made web dental clinic software with well-polished mobile experience has been delivered just on time, as well as the rest of dental technology services and some other individually tailored features (doctor-on-demand, quick booking & preliminary diagnosis, teledentistry, 3-D modeling, smart calendar for admins and doctors, etc.).


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