June 28, 2024


Build Your Restaurant App with Minimum Investment

The rise of delivery apps is driven by the growing demand for doorstep services. Among these, grocery delivery apps rank as the second most profitable niche, while food delivery app development leads the industry.
Businesses have two primary approaches to bring their menu online: partnering with third-party food delivery platforms or developing their own restaurant apps. While the former captures existing opportunities, the latter allows businesses to build their own ecosystem, offering food delivery directly to customers’ homes or offices.
After weighing the pros and cons, I advocate for self-developing a restaurant app. Despite the challenges, the potential benefits in brand recognition and customer experience optimization are significant. However, many businesses face the common concern of creating a restaurant app on a minimal budget while still generating profit. Read on to discover your solutions.
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Market Demand of Restaurant App Development

The pervasive influence of digital technology has revolutionized how people interact with services, including restaurant food delivery. In the past, customers had to visit a restaurant to satisfy their hunger; today, the rapid development of restaurant mobile apps offers a more convenient and unique dining experience than ever before.
With just a few clicks, meals are delivered right to the doorstep, catering to busy customers with little time to travel and those whose locations are not convenient to the restaurant.
According to Statista, the global online food delivery sector’s market size was estimated at over one trillion U.S. dollars in 2023. While traditional reservations and in-person dining remain popular for enjoying the full ambiance of a meal, they are no longer the only way to profit in the competitive restaurant industry.
In addition to revenue from dine-in customers, businesses now receive income from online users who prefer to enjoy the menu at home. Thus, restaurant app development has become a strategic imperative for establishments aiming to meet customer demand and thrive in a digital-first era.

Why Create a Restaurant App Instead of Partnering with Third-Party Platforms?

Creating a custom restaurant app, rather than relying on third-party platforms, offers significant advantages, particularly in terms of brand recognition and financial control.
Minimum Investment

Creating a restaurant app doesn't have to be expensive. To minimize investment, it's crucial to understand the essential elements of app development and how to manage costs effectively. The goal is to develop a functional and user-friendly app without unnecessary extras that increase expenses. By focusing on the core features that users need and value, and considering professional restaurant app development services, you can stay within budget and still produce a high-quality product.

Better Control over Costs and Profit Margins

Developing your own restaurant app allows you to manage costs and profit margins more effectively. Unlike third-party platforms that impose fees and commissions on each order, a self-developed app provides complete control over your financial planning. You can manage deployment, maintenance, and upgrades according to your specific needs, ultimately optimizing your budget and increasing profitability.

Enhanced Brand Image and Customer Experience

Third-party platforms often overshadow individual restaurant brands with their own branding. Users focus more on the platform itself rather than the restaurants listed. By creating your own app, you can present your brand directly to customers, customizing the menu, promotions, and special offers to enhance your brand’s identity and reputation.

High Level of Flexibility and Customization

With third-party platforms, customization options are limited. In contrast, a self-developed app offers flexibility in implementing unique features, personalized loyalty programs, and seamless integration with existing systems. This adaptability helps you respond to market trends and customer behaviors, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduced Dependency

Using third-party platforms means adhering to their policies, which can affect your offerings and visibility. An internally developed app reduces dependency, allowing you greater autonomy and freedom to tailor the app to your needs.

How to Create a Restaurant App with Minimal Investment

Utilize Existing Restaurant App Builder Tools

Leverage no-code or low-code app builders designed to simplify the development process. These tools offer pre-built templates and customized features, making it easier to create a quality app without extensive coding knowledge. They handle infrastructure, updates, and maintenance, providing a cost-effective solution.

Opt for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs offer app-like functionality through web browsers without the need for app store downloads. This approach reduces development costs and simplifies maintenance and updates, providing a seamless user experience.

Explore Affordable Development Options

Consider hiring freelancers or partnering with software outsourcing companies to access specialized skills and reduce costs. These options offer flexibility and efficiency without long-term commitments.

Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Develop a test application with core features to gather user feedback before fully committing to the entire development process. This strategy helps allocate resources efficiently and refine the app based on real-world usage.

Use Revenue-sharing Models

Partner with other entities to share development costs and revenue. This approach reduces initial investment but requires careful negotiation to manage the shared financial risk.

Apply Hybrid Solutions

Utilize hybrid app development frameworks like Flutter or React Native to create a single codebase deployable on multiple platforms. This method reduces time and costs associated with building separate native apps for iOS and Android.


Creating a restaurant app is challenging but rewarding. Even with minimal investment, these strategies help optimize costs and enhance profitability. For expert advice or affordable professional help with your unique restaurant app development project, contact Orient Software.
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